Breaking news: Nigeria Popular Gospel singer is dead

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In a devastating development, the renowned gospel vocalist Morenikeji Adeleke, affectionately recognized as Egbin Orun, has passed away.

Esther Igbekele, a close associate, confirmed the tragic news via Instagram, where her sorrow overflowed, reflecting the profound impact of Egbin Orun’s sudden departure.

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Egbin Orun’s untimely exit has left an immense void, akin to an unhealable wound, deeply felt by many. Igbekele, still grappling with disbelief, reflected on their recent exchange, a fleeting moment of normalcy now overshadowed by tragedy.


Dead Gospel singer, Morenikeji Adeleke
Dead Gospel singer, Morenikeji Adeleke

In a poignant homage, Igbekele illuminated Egbin Orun’s inner beauty, portraying her as a beacon of kindness in a world dimmed by despair. She lauded Egbin Orun’s unwavering support for her ministry, a testament to her profound generosity and steadfast faith.

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The anguish of Egbin Orun’s absence is palpable, a stark reminder of life’s unpredictability. Igbekele’s poignant words resonate with sorrow, mourning a soul taken too soon, leaving behind a legacy of love and empathy.

As the world grapples with this loss, unanswered questions linger like silent prayers. What led to her sudden departure? Why did she leave without bidding farewell? Amidst the uncertainty, one certainty remains—Egbin Orun’s voice may be stilled, but her spirit will endure in the hearts of those she touched.

In moments of solemn reflection, amidst tears and anguish, solace is found in the belief that Egbin Orun now rests in the comforting embrace of Christ, her voice harmonizing with the celestial choir in eternal praise.