Perez Medcare Hospital Clarifies Mohbad’s Death


In a recent statement, Perez Medcare Hospital has shed light on the circumstances surrounding the demise of popular Nigerian musician Ilerioluwa Aloba, known by his stage name, Mohbad. The hospital categorically stated that Mohbad was brought in dead to their facility, debunking rumors to the contrary.

The official statement, posted on the hospital’s Instagram page on Monday night, refuted claims that the singer had passed away while under their care. Furthermore, the hospital denied that Mohbad had ever been admitted to their facility.

The statement from Perez Medcare Hospital provided a detailed account of the events leading to Mohbad’s arrival at their facility. According to the hospital, at approximately 4:30 pm on September 12, 2023, Mohbad’s lifeless body was brought to their medical center. Upon immediate assessment, medical professionals determined that there were no signs of life, including the absence of a central or peripheral pulse, heartbeat, or recordable vital signs. Additionally, Mohbad’s pupils were fixed and dilated.

Efforts to perform CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) revealed rigor mortis, indicating that the singer had passed away before his arrival at the hospital. The individuals who had brought him to the facility were informed that it was a case of “Brought in dead” (BID).

The hospital’s statement also included information about the circumstances leading up to the emergency. It was reported that Mohbad had been receiving treatment at home from a nurse, who had administered injections. In response, Perez Medcare Hospital advised that the deceased’s body be taken to the nearest Government Hospital for morgue deposition.

Perez Medcare Hospital clarified that Mohbad had never been a patient at their facility and had not been admitted at any point in time. Furthermore, they confirmed that the nurse who administered treatment at his home was not affiliated with their hospital. The hospital also clarified that a circulating video showing Mohbad receiving treatment and appearing alive was not from Perez Medcare Hospital.

The hospital’s statement seeks to address the misleading information circulating on social media platforms regarding the circumstances of Mohbad’s passing.