Last Will: Dangers of not writing a will, misconception solved

In Nigeria there are general disbelief about writing a Last Will amongst the populace.

Some think that it’s only those close to their grave that should write a will, while others think it’s only wealthy people.

In this story our correspondent had an interaction with Barrister Nnenna Anozie who is a lawyer based in Enugu state, Nigeria who evaluated dangers of not writing a Last Will and how it affects the family.

She equally provided informed insights on what families will pass through in the hand of Government trying to reclaim their loved once properties.

What is Last Will?

Barrister Nnenna Anozie described Last Will as an act of writing how someone’s acquired property or any other belongings could be shared amongst his or her survival once they die.

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She added that nothing should be shared until the person is dead and that is when it will be call a will.

This is the wish of a person writing how their belongings will be distributed once they are dead.


People’s misconceptions about Last Will

Many people we interviewed see writing down their last will as something that a dying person do, but this is not true.

A business man, Chinedu Oji when asked if he has written his will, his response was weird “I am not yet ready to die, my brother”.

But Chinedu further stated that he would like to write a will when he gets old ànd before he died.

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Another person is Angela Odoh, she said that it is people who have money that can write how to their wealth would be distributed amongst his surviving family members.

“Is it not who has money that will write his or her last will? I will write it if I have money”

Meanwhile, a famous lawyer in Enugu State, Nnenna Anózie, said that everyone should write down their will or respect of the amount of money they have or value of other things they have.

“Everyone, rich or poor can write a last will. My dear, once you are up to 18 Years, you have write to decide how your wealth should be distributed once you die. It’s for everyone irrespective of the gender” Anozie added.

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