Liberia lawmakers driving tricycle to work, as President cuts own salary by 40%

Image of Liberia President, Joseph Baokai and tricycle of Lawmakers

Liberia President, Joseph Baokai has cutdown his own salary by 40% in what his government described as solidarity to the people.

The economic reality in Liberia made alot of people to question how much their president takes home as annual salary.

Liberia President, Joseph Baokai
Liberia President, Joseph Baokai

In February, Joseph Baokai made  revelation about his annual salary saying that he takes home $13,400.

Watch the Liberia Lawmakers’ video here

Meanwhile removing 40% from his salary means that he is now receiving about $8000.

Tricycle of Lawmakers in Liberia
Tricycle of Lawmaker in Liberia
Photo: Tricycle of Lawmakers in Liberia
Picture: Tricycle of Lawmaker in Liberia

It could be recalled that his predecessor and the former president of Liberia, George Weah equally cutdown his own salary by 25%.

The gesture by many is recommendable but a lot of people believe it is not enough considering that the Liberia President has other allowances.

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Meanwhile in a form of protest which happened last week, Liberia lawmakers resort to driving tricycle to work saying they have not received their official cars.

President Joseph Boakai took office in January defeating George Weah in a run-off election.

Upon taking office, Boakai declared his assets and ordered auditing of Presidential office which it’s result is not yet out.

It could be recalled that the administration of George Weah suffered hug corruption allegations and misappropriation of public funds which led to violent protests as the country was plagued into high cost of living and hardship.