Red Cross Urgent Appeal: N23bn for Nigeria’s Hunger Crisis

Nigeria Red Cross

In a bid to combat the dire hunger crisis currently gripping Nigeria, the International Federation of Red Cross has launched an emergency appeal, aiming to raise CHF 27 million, which is equivalent to N23 billion.

The funds raised will be utilized to bolster the Nigerian Red Cross Society’s efforts in addressing the severe food insecurity issues plaguing the nation. The appeal comes at a time when an estimated 1,092,300 people are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance to access basic necessities.

Bhupinder Tomar, the head of the delegation for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, made the announcement during a press conference held in Abuja. Tomar emphasized the gravity of the crisis, describing it as “unprecedented” and highlighting the swift response of the Nigerian government, which recently declared a state of emergency in response to the food insecurity situation.

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“Nigeria is facing an unprecedented hunger crisis this year. We are glad that the government of Nigeria has recognized the crisis, and the president has declared a state of emergency,” Tomar stated.

The emergency appeal is designed to raise CHF 27 million, which will be allocated to support 1,092,300 individuals. The assistance will take various forms, including cash aid, food and nutrition supplies, water, sanitation, and hygiene provisions, all of which are essential to alleviate the suffering caused by the hunger crisis.

The President of the Nigerian Red Cross Society, Oluyemisi Adeaga, expressed the urgent need for action, citing the growing number of people experiencing food insecurity as a potential threat to the country’s peace and stability. Adeaga called on Nigeria to prioritize the food needs of its citizens, emphasizing that addressing hunger is not only a matter of human dignity but also a matter of national security.

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“We call on all well-meaning people and organizations to join the efforts of the Nigerian Red Cross Society to bring relief to some of the most vulnerable members of our society who now face the human indignity of not knowing where their next meal will come from,” Adeaga urged.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the Nigerian Red Cross Society have both underlined the critical role that collective support and participation play in tackling the ongoing hunger crisis. With the emergency appeal underway, the hope is that swift action and generous contributions from individuals and organizations will help bring relief to those facing the harsh realities of food insecurity in Nigeria.

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