Enugu Tipper Drivers Seek Mbah’s help, Excavation Sites Reopen

Acting Chairman Mike Owuzulike and others

Tipper drivers in Enugu state are calling on Governor Peter Ndubuisi Mbah to intervene urgently in the closure of excavation sites, a move they say is adversely impacting their families and the construction industry.

Expressing concern over the situation, members of the Enugu State Tipper Drivers Association have distanced themselves from the former executive of the union, expressing a vote of no confidence. They affirm their support for Governor Peter Ndubuisi Mbah’s developmental agenda and emphasize their commitment to fostering a positive relationship between the state and the union.

Members of Enugu Tipper Drivers Association
Members of Enugu Tipper Drivers Association

In a press statement signed by Acting Chairman Mike Owuzulike and Acting Secretary Comrade Ogugua Orakwe, the Tipper Drivers Union requests the state government to address their concerns. Specifically, they urge the abolition of the N1000-per-trip levies and propose the implementation of a daily N1000 levy instead.

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Watch the Moment their Acting Secretary Comrade Ogugua Orakwe delivered the Press Statement

The statement by Acting Secretary Ogugua Orakwe reads, “Enugu State Tipper Drivers Association unequivocally supports the government of Enugu state in its efforts to build progressive and developmental infrastructure. However, we appeal for the reversal of the N1000 levy per trip, considering other existing levies such as community levies.”

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The association highlights the challenges faced by drivers, citing the high cost of diesel and other expenses. They propose a daily N1000 levy to prevent pushing drivers out of business and call for an extension of the state government’s palliative through a reduction in imposed levies.

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The Tipper Drivers Association also disassociates itself from individuals claiming to be the union’s executives, expressing a vote of no confidence in the current leadership for pursuing personal interests rather than the overall interest of the association.

Members of Enugu Tipper Drivers Association 1
Members of Enugu Tipper Drivers Association 1

In conclusion, the association reiterates its unwavering support for the state government and appeals for a human-centered approach in addressing the raised issues. They specifically appeal for the unconditional reopening of excavation sites across the state to alleviate economic challenges and ensure effective service delivery.

Meanwhile, other tipper drivers interviewed by News Center Nigeria emphasize that beyond the proposed N1000 levies, additional running costs have rendered their businesses unprofitable.

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