Fr. Mbaka Urges Politicians: Donate or Avoid My Bazaar


Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, the spiritual director of the Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Nigeria (AMEN), delivered a resounding message to politicians in anticipation of the upcoming bazaar scheduled for November 12, 2023.

In a video captured during one of his church services, Fr. Mbaka left no room for ambiguity when it came to their participation and financial contributions.

Though not explicitly naming anyone, he alluded to a past incident involving a prominent politician, Peter Obi, who was previously dubbed a ‘stingy man’ by Fr. Mbaka during a prior bazaar event.

This controversial remark had generated substantial backlash, leading to Fr. Mbaka’s later apology to Peter Obi, orchestrated by the Catholic Bishop of Enugu diocese, Most Rev Callistus Onaga. Nevertheless, it appears that Fr. Mbaka’s stance on this matter remains unyielding.

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Fr. Mbaka unveiled this year’s bazaar theme as “mega wealth,” emphasizing the need to express gratitude to God through substantial contributions. He extended an open invitation to everyone to prepare and join in the festivities, while encouraging them to bring friends along.

In a decisive tone, he issued a stark warning to individuals with malicious intentions, making it clear that those causing disruptions or refusing to partake in the traditional act of breaking cola would not be tolerated. Fr. Mbaka underscored the spiritual significance of the bazaar and the repercussions for those attempting to subvert its spirit.

Furthermore, he reiterated that individuals causing trouble at the bazaar would encounter obstacles in their endeavors, suggesting a higher divine intervention.

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Fr. Mbaka also urged the banks with which the ministry holds affiliations to actively participate by contributing to the event. He expressed gratitude to Fidelity and Zenith banks for their collaboration and mentioned that Fidelity bank had made a generous contribution of N5 million during the previous year’s event. Additionally, he revealed that his Prado jeep had been a gift from Zenith bank, a testament to their commitment.