7 Dead as Robbers Attack 3 Banks in Benue State

Benue State Robbery
Benue State Robbery

In a shocking and distressing turn of events, a group of armed robbers executed a brazen heist, simultaneously targeting three banks in the Otukpo area of Benue State. The outcome of this criminal operation included significant financial losses and, tragically, the loss of seven lives. This news article aims to provide a comprehensive and factual account of the incident.

The Benue State Robbery

In a meticulously orchestrated assault, as yet unidentified armed robbers launched an audacious attack on three prominent banks in the Otukpo region of Benue State, Nigeria. The criminal operation sent shockwaves through the community and has since garnered significant attention.

Seven Fatalities

Regrettably, this daring heist resulted in the tragic loss of seven lives. Among the victims were police officers and a former councillor, who were conducting their business within one of the targeted banks at the time of the incident. The incident has left the entire community in mourning and has raised critical questions about security and law enforcement in the area.

Method of Entry and Operation

The robbers, arriving in the town around 3:15 p.m., employed the use of dynamite to gain forcible entry into the banks. Their successful entry into the premises allowed them to carry out their nefarious activities without hindrance for a prolonged period, exceeding an hour. This absence of resistance from security personnel exacerbated the extent of the damage and loss experienced.

Banks in Focus

The banks specifically targeted in this shocking incident include United Bank for Africa (UBA), Zenith Bank, and First Bank Plc. These institutions, vital to the local economy, are now grappling with the aftermath of the criminal operation.

Eyewitness Account

An individual identified as Sunny, who operates a Point of Sale business near one of the banks, shared a chilling eyewitness account of the events. Sunny revealed that the criminals initiated their attack by first targeting the local police station. The sound of sporadic gunshots alerted the community to the imminent danger, prompting a scramble for safety.

Getaway and Tossed Currency

In a scene reminiscent of a Hollywood heist, the robbers made a dramatic escape in two Hilux vehicles and one car. Astonishingly, as they fled, they brazenly tossed naira notes into the air, creating a surreal spectacle.

Police Response

Catherine Anene, the Police Public Relations Officer for Benue State Police Command, has officially confirmed the occurrence of the robbery incident. However, at the time of reporting, comprehensive details from officers on-site were yet to be obtained.