Tinubu’s Academic Records Released Amid Legal Battle in US

Tinubu and Atiku

In a momentous turn of events, Chicago State University (CSU) has complied with a United States court order by releasing the academic records of President Bola Tinubu to his political rival, Atiku Abubakar. Atiku, the presidential candidate of Nigeria’s opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), had sought these records to support his allegations of forgery related to Mr. Tinubu’s CSU certificate.



The controversy surrounding President Tinubu’s academic credentials has been a persistent issue in Nigerian politics. Atiku Abubakar, a prominent figure in Nigerian politics, had accused Mr. Tinubu of forging his CSU certificate. These allegations were a focal point in the 2023 presidential election campaign and drew significant attention from the media and the public.


Legal Battle in Nigeria:

Atiku’s forgery claims were initially presented in Nigeria’s presidential election court, where they were dismissed, securing Mr. Tinubu’s presidency. This ruling was seen as a significant victory for Mr. Tinubu and appeared to resolve the matter within Nigeria’s legal system.


Atiku’s Pursuit in the United States:

However, Atiku Abubakar chose to pursue the case in the United States, seeking access to official documents from CSU that he believed would substantiate his forgery claims. This decision to escalate the issue internationally garnered both support and criticism.

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The U.S. Court Order:

The pivotal moment occurred when a U.S. District Court in Northern Illinois, under the jurisdiction of Judge Nancy Maldonado, issued a court order compelling Chicago State University to release President Tinubu’s academic records. This order allowed Atiku Abubakar to obtain the documents he had been seeking.


Compliance with the Court Order:

CSU complied with the court order by providing Atiku’s legal team with a collection of documents related to President Tinubu’s education at the institution. These documents included copies of certificates, admission records, and a confirming letter dated 27 June 2022. These materials provided crucial information about Mr. Tinubu’s academic history, confirming his graduation from CSU in 1979.


Implications and Significance:

Confirmation of Graduation: The release of these academic records from CSU definitively confirmed that President Bola Tinubu did indeed graduate from the university in 1979. This revelation was pivotal as it addressed the central question of whether Mr. Tinubu possessed the academic qualifications required for his presidency.

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Legal Strategy and Political Implications: Atiku Abubakar’s pursuit of these documents in the United States was a strategic move aimed at challenging the results of the February 25 presidential election in Nigeria. By obtaining these documents, Atiku sought to shift the burden of proof onto President Tinubu, making him responsible for substantiating his qualifications. While the legal implications of these documents are yet to be fully realized, they have undoubtedly injected new life into the ongoing political rivalry between Atiku and President Tinubu.


Burden of Proof and the Nigerian Supreme Court: As Atiku proceeds with his appeal to the Nigerian Supreme Court, the authenticity and significance of these documents will be closely scrutinized. They will play a critical role in the legal proceedings and will ultimately shape the court’s decision.


Privacy Concerns: President Tinubu’s objections to the release of his academic records centered around privacy concerns. He argued that Atiku’s request was unduly intrusive and could breach his private, confidential, and protected educational records. While the court’s ruling emphasized Atiku’s right to access the documents without making a judgment on the validity of the claims or the Nigerian election, the issue of privacy remains a significant consideration.

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Broader Political Context: Beyond the legal implications, this development has significant political ramifications. It further fuels the rivalry between Atiku Abubakar and President Tinubu, two prominent figures in Nigerian politics. The release of these records adds another layer of complexity to their ongoing political battle, shaping the narrative of the 2023 presidential election and future political landscapes in Nigeria.


In conclusion, the release of President Bola Tinubu’s academic records by Chicago State University has reignited a longstanding controversy with profound implications for Nigerian politics. While it confirms his graduation from CSU, it also raises questions about the broader implications for Nigerian politics and the ongoing legal battle between Atiku Abubakar and President Tinubu.

As Atiku proceeds with his appeal to the Nigerian Supreme Court, the authenticity and significance of these documents will continue to be a subject of scrutiny and debate in the political landscape of Nigeria. This development serves as a reminder of the intersection between politics, law, and transparency in the democratic process.


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