Enugu Govt To Crack Down on Illegal Waste Disposal [Video]

Enugu Waste Management

In a resolute effort to uphold environmental standards, the Enugu State Government is emphatically urging the public to adopt responsible waste disposal practices.

Citizens are earnestly advised to bag and discard their waste in designated dumpsters to prevent adverse consequences such as arrest and prosecution.


Watch the full message in the video below



A clear directive has been issued against unauthorized dumping in waterways, drainage systems, or gutters, with a strong emphasis on using only the specified waste disposal bags. The Environmental Sanitation and Waste Management Agency (ESWAMA) is actively mobilizing agents to closely monitor waste disposal activities. Offenders will be subject to legal repercussions, reinforcing the government’s commitment to a cleaner and greener Enugu.

Residents are encouraged to be mindful of their waste disposal habits, contributing collectively to the enhancement of the environment. The Enugu State Government remains steadfast in its pursuit of a sustainable and pristine community for all. Stay informed, act responsibly, and be a steward of a healthier Enugu.