Zack Orji Survives Double Brain Surgeries

Zack Orji

In a recent development, Emeka Rollas, the national president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), has disclosed that veteran actor Zack Orji has successfully undergone two brain surgeries and is currently in good health.

Rollas made this revelation during an interview with Afia TV, where he also emphasized the need for Orji to undergo a post-surgery evaluation abroad.

Expressing his dismay at the spread of false information regarding Orji’s condition, Rollas condemned those who circulated rumors of the actor’s demise. He highlighted the detrimental impact of such baseless claims, attributing them to individuals seeking to gain traction on social media platforms.

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Rollas further clarified Orji’s current state, affirming that the actor is not in dire need of attention and is capable of engaging in conversation. He emphasized the necessity of respecting Orji’s privacy while also acknowledging the ongoing efforts to raise funds for his post-surgery evaluation abroad.

Addressing the recent rumors surrounding Orji’s health, Rollas reiterated that the actor is alive and recovering, debunking any speculation of his passing. This swift response came in light of circulating rumors suggesting Orji’s demise, which Rollas promptly dismissed.

It’s worth noting that Zack Orji had collapsed on December 31, 2023, leading to his admission to the intensive care unit of the National Hospital in Abuja. Following this, he underwent surgery at a private hospital, marking the beginning of his journey towards recovery.

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