Nnamchi Regains Seat, Appeal Court Sacks Cornelius Nnaji

Professor Sunday Nnamchi

In a momentous turn of events in the realm of politics, the Court of Appeal in Lagos has issued a groundbreaking decision, reverting the outcome of the Enugu State National Assembly and State House of Assembly tribunal.

This ruling has reinstated Professor Sunday Nnamchi as the rightful victor in the election for the Enugu East/Isi-Uzo Federal Constituency, effectively overturning the tribunal’s prior decision that had invalidated Nnamchi’s election and declared Prince Cornelius Nnaji as the winner of the February 25 polls.

The tribunal had initially nullified Nnamchi’s election on the grounds that the Labour Party (LP) candidate had not formally resigned from his university position before seeking the elected office, thus rendering him ineligible to run for the position.

Dissatisfied with the tribunal’s verdict, Professor Sunday Nnamchi diligently pursued legal recourse by lodging an appeal with the Court of Appeal. After a meticulous review of the case, the Court of Appeal found substantial merit in Nnamchi’s appeal, leading to the court’s ruling in his favor.

This landmark decision restores Professor Sunday Nnamchi as the authentic representative of the Enugu East/Isi-Uzo Federal Constituency in the National Assembly, solidifying his position as the duly elected candidate for the Labour Party. The ramifications of this ruling extend beyond the individual case, casting significant ripples in the political landscape of Enugu State and holding broader implications for the state’s political dynamics.