OAP Dotun Warns D’banj Amid Custody Dispute

D'Banj and Do2dtun

In a recent social media outburst, popular On-Air Personality (OAP) Dotun, known by his moniker Do2dtun, has delivered a stern warning to renowned Nigerian singer D’banj regarding a contentious custody dispute involving D’banj’s sister, Omotayo.

The explosive situation that has captivated public attention traces its roots back to their marriage in 2013 and has since taken a tumultuous turn.

Omotayo and D’banj, who share a familial bond as siblings, tied the knot in 2013, and the union subsequently brought forth two children. The fairy-tale marriage, however, took a dark turn in 2022 when Omotayo initiated legal proceedings to end the marriage, citing a string of alarming allegations, including forced abortion, domestic violence, and emotional abuse. Eventually, the courts granted the former couple shared custody of their children.

Do2dtun, in his relentless pursuit to secure access to his daughters, who currently reside with his ex-wife, has turned the spotlight on D’banj, accusing the singer of making his life a misery during the years he was married to D’banj’s sister.

Venting his frustration and anger on his Instagram page, Do2dtun’s post has sent shockwaves throughout social media. In his emotional outpouring, he wrote, “You know how much I supported you, D’banj, when you faced the tragedy of losing your son. You’ve experienced the agony of losing a child, yet you have now become a source of discord and cruelty in my life.”

Do2dtun’s refusal to collaborate with D’banj was a personal choice, as he mentioned in his post. However, it appears that D’banj sought to retaliate through actions involving Do2dtun’s family. Do2dtun continued, “My refusal to work with you was my personal choice. So, the only way you could hurt me was through my wife and children. You were well aware of my love for them. I chose not to pursue financial success through the same means as you did because I am a non-conformist, and this clearly irked you.”

He went on to express his deep bond with his children and his insistence on protecting their well-being. “These children are mine, not yours. Many people may wonder why I am involving you to this extent, but it’s essential never to be the cause of someone’s unhappiness. You won’t bring me joy, yet you and your family have taken away my source of happiness. The most dangerous opponent you can face is someone who is willing to do anything for their children.”

Furthermore, Do2dtun directly addressed D’banj, accusing him and other family members of making his life a living nightmare. “Dapo, your mother, and Taiwo have turned my life into a living nightmare. I’ve toiled on stage, exerted myself, and poured sweat to make a living, to establish a legacy for myself and my family because, according to your words, I was considered a ‘golddigger.’ Yet, you’ve seen how I’ve created my own precious gold without your influence. We kept our family connection discreet, but you couldn’t allow me to breathe. Now you’ve taken away my source of joy. Mark my words, I will become the embodiment of your worst fears. You’ve picked a fight with the wrong person. Children are not commodities; they are invaluable treasures.”

The ongoing dispute has raised significant public interest, with many watching closely as the drama unfolds. It remains to be seen how this high-profile family feud will ultimately be resolved, and whether D’banj and Do2dtun can find common ground for the sake of the children caught in the middle. The bitter exchange serves as a stark reminder of the complexities and challenges often involved in custody battles, especially when celebrity status and personal relationships are brought into the mix.