Burna Boy Offers to Pay Bloggers Stop Writing About Him

Burna Boy

Renowned Nigerian singer and Grammy award-winner, Damini Ogulu, known as Burna Boy, has made an intriguing proposition to Nigerian bloggers, expressing his willingness to pay them to halt their coverage of his activities.

In a recent post on X, the artist behind “Last Last” revealed that he has never previously paid any Nigerian blogs for their services. In his words, he said, “How’s it going? Please, all of you should have a meeting and decide on how much I should pay each of you to ensure my name is completely absent from your platforms.” Burna Boy expressed these sentiments in Pidgin English.

It’s worth noting that in a recent interview on Kiss FM, London, he made a bold statement, suggesting that if he had access to his X account, it would have a significant impact. He stated, “If I had access to my account, it would create quite a stir every day. My emotions would elevate the ground, and I don’t tolerate disrespect. The internet often disrespects me, but my team prevents me from reacting. Otherwise, the internet would be a lot more lively. I’d spend an extensive amount of time there; honestly, I’d be very active.”