Zack Orji is alive: AGN Refutes Death Rumors

Zack Orji

Dispelling the online speculations surrounding Zack Orji’s health, the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has vehemently denied reports of the actor’s demise.

Zack Orji encountered a health scare on December 29, leading to his hospitalization in Abuja’s national hospital’s intensive care unit. Following this, in January, Culture Minister Hannatu Musawa disclosed that the actor underwent brain surgery, urging for solidarity and support.

However, recent social media buzz suggested Orji’s passing, sparking concern among his fans and colleagues alike.

In a reassuring Instagram update, AGN President Emeka Rollas affirmed Orji’s vitality, labeling the circulating rumors as baseless and malicious. He condemned the spread of false information, emphasizing the actor’s resilience and extending heartfelt prayers for his well-being.

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“Mr. Zack Orji is very much alive. Let’s dismiss the deceitful antics of those propagating fake news,” Rollas stated firmly.

He further denounced the perpetrators’ actions as reprehensible, expressing unwavering faith in Orji’s recovery.

A stalwart in Nigeria’s entertainment landscape, Orji has left an indelible mark with notable performances in films such as ‘The Bridge,’ ‘Glamour Girls,’ and ‘Blood Money.’

Aside from his contributions to cinema, Orji is recognized for his roles as a film producer, director, and his foray into politics. In 2022, he assumed the position of director of performing arts for the presidential campaign council of the All Progressives Congress (APC), showcasing his multifaceted talents beyond the screen.

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