LP, NLC Crisis: Board Removes Abure, Rejects Nnewi Convention


In a bold move, the Board of Trustees (BoT) of the Labour Party (LP) has assumed control of the party’s affairs following the conclusion of the previous National Working Committee’s tenure. This strategic action, mandated by the LP Constitution, aims to prevent any void in leadership within the party.

Chairman of the BoT, Comrade S.O.Z. Ejiofor, emphasized the necessity of this step, stating, “It is imperative that we maintain stability and uphold the principles of our party during this transitional period.”

Following consultations with key stakeholders, the BoT is poised to unveil the roadmap for conducting a comprehensive National Convention. This initiative resonates with the Federal High Court’s landmark judgment of March 20, 2018, affirming the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) as LP’s rightful custodian and mandating an all-inclusive National Convention.

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“This decision underscores our commitment to transparency and democratic principles,” noted Ejiofor. “We are determined to ensure that every member of our party has a voice in shaping its future.”

The BoT’s action also reflects an agreement brokered between former LP National Chairman, Mr. Julius Abure, and the NLC, along with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), in June 2022, mediated by the Trade Union Congress (TUC).

“We recognize the significance of adhering to agreements made in good faith,” Ejiofor affirmed. “Our focus remains on revitalizing LP and reaffirming its role as a vehicle for societal progress.”

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While acknowledging the dedication of LP members, Ejiofor reiterated the BoT’s commitment to expediting the process for an inclusive National Convention. “Unlike recent events, characterized by irregularities, our convention will prioritize grassroots engagement and transparency,” he declared.

The BoT commended LP leader Mr. Peter Obi and other stakeholders for their principled stance against malpractice witnessed in Nnewi. “Their integrity sets the standard for our party’s resurgence,” Ejiofor added.

In conclusion, Ejiofor affirmed the BoT’s unwavering dedication to steering LP towards a brighter future. “We are resolute in our mission to reclaim LP’s legacy and propel it as a force for positive change in Nigeria,” he concluded.

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The LP’s BoT, under Ejiofor’s leadership, remains steadfast in its commitment to this cause.

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