Who is Mohbad’s Wife: A Glimpse into Omowunmi’s Life

Mohbad and wife

In the world of Nigerian music, Mohbad, the young and gifted rapper also known as Imole (real name: Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba), carved his path before his untimely demise at the tender age of 27.

While his musical legacy lives on, many have been curious about the private aspects of his life, particularly his marital status. In this article, we aim to uncover the details surrounding Mohbad’s wife, Omowunmi, offering insights into her identity and their family.

Omowunmi: The Enigmatic Wife of Mohbad

Omowunmi, Mohbad’s wife, maintains an Instagram presence under the username c33why. Although comprehensive information about her remains scarce, her Instagram profile offers a platform for fans to follow her for potential updates and a glimpse into her life alongside the late artist. While we await further revelations about her, it’s clear that Omowunmi held a special place in Mohbad’s heart.

Exploring Mohbad’s Religious Background

An often-asked question pertains to Mohbad’s religious beliefs. It’s noteworthy that Mohbad’s father was a Christian and also a pastor. This background suggests that Mohbad, bearing the name Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, grew up in a Christian environment. However, it’s essential to emphasize that his music transcended religious boundaries, resonating with a diverse audience.

Meet Liam Imole: Mohbad’s Son

Adding a heartwarming dimension to Mohbad’s life was the birth of his son, whom he and Omowunmi named Liam Imole. Imole, meaning “light” in Yoruba, aligns beautifully with Mohbad’s stage name, “Imole.” This choice of name reflects the profound impact of his career and personal life.

Mohbad and Son
Mohbad and Son

As of September, Liam Imole is just five months old, undoubtedly bringing immense joy and happiness to Mohbad and Omowunmi during what must have been a challenging period.

How did Mohbad get famous?

Mohbad, whose real name is Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, gained fame in the Nigerian music industry through a combination of talent, hard work, and strategic collaborations. Here’s a breakdown of how he became famous:

Mohbad’s Musical Talent

Mohbad’s journey to fame began with his musical talent. He possessed a unique and versatile style that resonated with fans of Nigerian street music, particularly the subgenre known as “Afro-street” or “Zanku” music. His ability to blend different musical elements and incorporate catchy hooks into his songs contributed to his growing popularity.

Mohbad’s Collaborations:

Collaborations in the music industry often play a significant role in an artist’s rise to fame. Mohbad had the opportunity to work with established and popular artists, which helped boost his visibility and credibility. His collaboration with Rexxie on the track “Ko Por Ke” was a turning point in his career. The song became a massive hit and gained widespread attention, propelling Mohbad into the limelight.

Mohbad’s Consistent Music Releases

Mohbad maintained consistency in releasing music. He followed up the success of “Ko Por Ke” with other hit songs, including “Ponmo Sweet” featuring Naira Marley and Lil Kesh, “Marlians Anthem,” and “Feel Good.” His ability to consistently drop music that resonated with his target audience helped him maintain his relevance in the industry.

Mohbad’s Social Media Presence:

Mohbad actively engaged with his fans on social media platforms, which is an essential aspect of building a fan base in the modern music industry. His online presence allowed him to connect with fans, share updates about his music, and create anticipation for his releases.

Early Record Label Support To Mohbad:

Being signed to a reputable record label can significantly impact an artist’s career. Mohbad is associated with Marlian Music, which is owned by Nigerian artist Naira Marley. The support and resources provided by the label likely played a role in his rise to fame which many now believed as a step towards his untimely death.

Live Performances

Live performances and appearances at music events and shows also contributed to Mohbad’s fame. His energetic stage presence and ability to connect with his audience during performances helped solidify his position as an emerging star in the Nigerian music scene.

It is worthy to note that, Mohbad’s fame can be attributed to a combination of his musical talent, strategic collaborations, consistency in releasing hit songs, active social media presence, label support, and engaging live performances. His breakout hit, “Ko Por Ke,” in particular, played a pivotal role in bringing him to the forefront of the Nigerian music industry.

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