Virginity Award Saga: Ebonyi Woman to Sue Catholic Diocese

The Only Virgin In Ebonyi State

In a startling turn of events, Mrs. Nora Ngozi Alo, known as the “Celebrity Virgin,” has announced possibility of  suing the Catholic Diocese of Abakaliki, Ebonyi state. The controversy arises from an award of honor given to her by the Diocesan Catholic Youth Organisation of Nigeria (CYON) at St. Philomena Catholic Parish, Izhia.

Speaking passionately about her quest for justice, Nora Ngozi Alo exclaimed, “Justice for me,” in a social media post. She questioned her fans and followers, asking if they believed she should take her case to court, indicating her determination to seek legal redress.

The Only Virgin In Ebonyi State
The Only Virgin In Ebonyi State

In a subsequent post, she addressed her supporters and critics alike, outlining her key points:

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She emphasized that “Virgin” remains her nickname and a cherished part of her identity.

Nora called for unity among people instead of unnecessary conflicts, particularly those driven by hardship.

She expressed her astonishment at being addressed as “Honourable” in the award letter, hinting at the elevated status she perceived herself to have achieved.

Nora advocated for harmony within the church, asserting that the body of Christ should not be a battleground.

Nora Ngozi Alo, who has been celebrated as the “Celebrity Virgin,” remains determined to protect her reputation and the significance of her nickname.

Earlier, the Catholic Diocese of Abakaliki, in collaboration with CYON, has issued a disclaimer regarding the award controversy. The church vehemently dissociates itself from any misrepresentation concerning the award given to Nora Ngozi Alo.

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The church clarified that the virtue of virginity was not traded for an ordinary award of honor and that the title “The only Virgin in Ebonyi State” was never part of the plan for the merit award. The parish priest and parishioners of St. Philomena Catholic Parish, Izhia, were reportedly shocked by the developments, as the inclusion of such a title was never considered.

The church also condemned the actions of the parish youth president, who had taken it upon himself to bestow the controversial award. The youth president has been subjected to disciplinary measures as a result.

In light of this disclaimer, the award granted to Nora Ngozi Alo has been nullified and withdrawn by the Catholic Diocese of Abakaliki. The church hopes that the misunderstanding surrounding the virtue of virginity and the award will be put to rest.

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The controversy continues to generate discussions across Ebonyi State, with many eagerly awaiting the outcome of Nora Ngozi Alo’s potential legal action against the Catholic Diocese. The church, meanwhile, seeks to maintain the integrity of its values and teachings in this challenging situation.