Mohbad Death: Harrysong Exposes Record Label Hell


In a candid and heartfelt disclosure, Nigerian music sensation, Harrison Okiri, more commonly recognized as Harrysong, has opened up about the harrowing experiences he endured during his time with his previous record label. The artist took to his Instagram story on a recent Monday to share his deeply personal journey.

Harrysong recounted a tumultuous period in his career, emphasizing how he narrowly escaped a potentially fatal situation, thanks to divine intervention and the support of some benevolent individuals. He expressed, “Had it not been for the grace of God and the assistance of a few outstanding individuals, I might not be here today. I could have perished in the clutches of my former record label.”

He went on to describe the relentless torment, assaults, verbal abuse, and continuous pressure he faced simply because he aspired to explore new horizons and personal growth outside the constraints of his former label. Harrysong described this phase of his life as nothing short of hellish.

During this tumultuous period, Harrysong lamented how the general public seemed to unquestionably accept the false narratives perpetuated by his detractors. His fans, supporters, and even event organizers joined in the harassment, compounding his struggles. Harrysong even revealed the chilling account of a friend who callously proclaimed his intent to celebrate his demise due to hunger and depression.

In a voice of gratitude and resilience, Harrysong acknowledged that he stands today because of the unwavering support of the few who believed in him, those who understood the genuine story and refused to succumb to the influence of deceit aimed at tarnishing an innocent man’s reputation.

In conclusion, Harrysong implored record labels to abandon the cutthroat, life-or-death mentality that often prevails in the industry, which ultimately leads to the stifling of young talents. He urged the industry to shift its focus from proving label dominance to nurturing and empowering emerging artists.

Harrysong’s revelation comes in the wake of the tragic passing of another rising star, Ilerioluwa Aloba, affectionately known as Mohbad, who tragically departed at the tender age of 27 on September 12.

Credit: Instagram | @iamharrysong

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