LASUTH Give Updates on Doctor: Boy’s Missing Intestine

Boy with missing intestine after surgery
Boy with missing intestine after surgery

Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) has released crucial updates regarding the case of Dr. Abayomi Baiyewu, the medical practitioner who conducted a surgery on a young boy, Adebola Akin-Bright, leading to the unexplained disappearance of the boy’s small intestine.

The Lagos State House of Assembly unveiled these findings on Friday, September 21, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate incident. The Speaker of the House, Mudashiru Obasa, took action during a plenary session on Thursday, September 21, by directing the Clerk, Olalekan Onafeko, to formally request the State Police Command to arrest Dr. Abayomi Baiyewu, who practices at Obitoks Hospital in the Alimosho area of Lagos.

Adebola Akin-Bright tragically passed away on Tuesday, September 21, following a call from the House for Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to provide additional assistance to seek treatment abroad.

Noheem Adams, the chairman of the Lagos Assembly ad-hoc committee assigned to investigate the disappearance of Adebola Akin-Bright’s small intestine, revealed critical information obtained during the inquiry. Dr. Baiyewu informed the committee that he is not a qualified surgeon but had relied solely on his medical experience to perform the surgery. He further admitted to not conducting any medical examinations on the boy prior to the initial surgery, opting instead to rely on a report from another hospital where the patient had been previously admitted.

After the first surgery, Adebola continued to experience stomach pain and was subsequently readmitted to Obitoks Hospital, where Dr. Baiyewu performed a second surgery himself. However, the complications persisted, leading to the boy being transferred to LASUTH. It was at LASUTH that it was confirmed that a portion of his intestine was missing.

Noheem Adams emphasized that, as a medical practitioner, Dr. Baiyewu should have submitted the excised portion of the boy’s intestine to a pathological department for examination. Shockingly, Dr. Baiyewu informed the committee that the body parts had been mistakenly discarded. Additionally, it was revealed that Dr. Baiyewu had intended to perform a third surgery on the boy before he was eventually taken to LASUTH.

The Lagos State House of Assembly expressed condolences to the grieving family, with Deputy Speaker Mojisola Meranda calling for further investigation into the case. This incident highlights the need for enhanced oversight and regulation in the medical profession to prevent such tragic occurrences in the future.