LP Urges Senators to Oppose FG’s Extravagance on N160m SUVs

Julius Abure

On the 17th of October, 2023, the Labour Party (LP) issued a resounding call to its members in the 10th National Assembly to vehemently oppose what they perceive as the unjustifiably extravagant spending of the Federal Government.

Julius Abure, the National Chairman of the LP, delivered this impassioned plea while expressing profound disappointment at what he considers a severe lack of empathy within the Bola Tinubu-led Federal Government.

Abure’s statement was a response to disconcerting reports indicating that 360 members of the National Assembly were on the verge of receiving cars valued at a staggering N160 million each. He articulated a crucial question: why has the Federal Government chosen not to empower local automobile manufacturers, which could potentially invigorate the nation’s economy?

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In an unequivocal and compelling declaration, Abure censured the government for its conspicuous display of opulence, particularly at a time when countless Nigerians continue to grapple with dire economic challenges. He emphasized, “The Labour Party finds itself deeply troubled, profoundly disheartened, and profoundly let down by the flagrant insensitivity displayed by the executive and legislative arms of the All Progressives Congress administration under President Bola Tinubu.”

Abure also raised a pertinent query regarding the justification for allocating three luxurious four-wheel drive vehicles to each of the 48 cabinet ministers on their first day in office, with the costs being borne by taxpayers—a figure amounting to approximately N57.6 billion. This occurred at a juncture when the government claimed it lacked the means to increase the minimum wage for workers to N30,000 per month.

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Moreover, Abure accentuated the dire economic plight faced by ordinary Nigerians, including an alarming surge in inflation and the inability to afford basic necessities. He underscored the government’s seemingly contradictory actions, which entailed seeking loans from foreign nations while indulging in lavish expenditures.

The LP’s central message was a fervent plea for bolstering local manufacturers, such as Innoson Motor in Anambra and Peugeot Automobiles in Kaduna, to preserve foreign exchange and galvanize the domestic economy. This vision, they contended, aligns with their broader goal of transitioning the economy from a consumption-based model to one centered on production.

In conclusion, Abure implored the government to reassess its priorities and redirect its focus toward economic revival, as opposed to an obsession with luxury. He further urged LP legislators in the 10th Assembly to uphold the party’s core principles of social justice and equal opportunities, reminding them of their responsibility to the electorate.

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The LP’s message echoed the collective yearning for a new era of leadership characterized by compassion and a steadfast commitment to improving the plight of the less privileged. It envisioned a future where the suffering masses of Nigeria can breathe freely once again.

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