Backlash Over Northern Governor’s Call for Tinubu Resignation

President Bola Tinubu

Gusau, Zamfara State – In a recent development, the Arewa APC Vanguard has vehemently condemned the actions of Zamfara State’s governor, Dauda Lawal, who publicly called for the resignation of President Bola Tinubu amidst allegations of certificate forgery currently before the Supreme Court.

The group has criticized Governor Lawal’s move, branding it as contempt of court, and has characterized his call as malicious, provocative, and ultimately destructive.

This strong stance was conveyed through a press statement issued by the Arewa APC Vanguard’s chairman, Jonathan Audu, and distributed to media outlets in Gusau, the capital of Zamfara State.

The Arewa APC Vanguard firmly believes that President Bola Tinubu, who was democratically elected by the Nigerian people, should be allowed to continue the implementation of his policies aimed at enhancing the living standards of the common citizens. The group emphasized that Governor Lawal’s actions were a clear reflection of his affiliation with the previous administration’s interests, describing him as a puppet executing their agenda to distract President Tinubu from his commendable work.

In the statement, Jonathan Audu, the chairman of the Arewa APC Vanguard, expressed the need for Governor Dauda Lawal to prioritize fulfilling his campaign promises to the displaced population of Zamfara State. The statement cited the ongoing security challenges in the state, including the persistent threats posed by bandits, which have led to a daily ordeal of killings, abductions, and sexual assaults. Audu implored the governor to focus on delivering effective governance and urgently addressing the security crisis rather than engaging in divisive actions that may further worsen the situation.

The Arewa APC Vanguard concluded the statement with a call to the people of Zamfara State, urging them to remain resilient and offer their prayers. The group remains confident that the suffering endured by the citizens of Zamfara will soon come to an end under the capable leadership of President Bola Tinubu, whose commitment to improving their living conditions remains a top priority.