AI Movement Unveils Kachi James Gallery in Enugu, Oct 8

Kachi James Gallery
Kachi James Gallery

The stage is set for the grand unveiling of the Kachi James Gallery, a night of art and entertainment, slated for October 8, 2023, in the vibrant city of Enugu, the capital of Enugu State.

In a press conference held in Enugu yesterday, Kachi Aghasili Ikwuegbu, the Founder of AI Movement and organizer of this exciting event, unveiled the plans for what promises to be an unforgettable artistic extravaganza. The unveiling will take place at 1, Snapp Drive, Independence Layout, Enugu, commencing promptly at 12:00 noon.

The grand opening of Kachi James Gallery will feature a rich tapestry of artistic expression, combining traditional and futuristic art forms. Art enthusiasts, locals, and visitors alike will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a night of cultural entertainment.

The event’s highlights include captivating art exhibitions, auctions of masterpieces with the potential to appreciate in value over time, live art performances, mesmerizing dance displays, and a “sip and paint” corner, where attendees can explore their inner artist in an interactive and enjoyable setting.

Kachi James Gallery is poised to showcase the remarkable talents of local artists and cutting-edge digital art exhibitions, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. Attendees can expect a fusion of tradition and innovation, as renowned dancers take the stage, breathing life into the art with their captivating movements.

For those seeking hands-on creativity, the gallery will host a “sip and paint” corner, catering to all skill levels and inviting participants to unleash their artistic potential.

To complement the immersive artistic experience, a range of delectable snacks and refreshing beverages will be available, tantalizing the senses and enhancing the overall ambiance.

The grand opening of Kachi James Gallery promises to be a landmark event that brings the Enugu community together to celebrate the diversity and richness of artistic expression. AI Movement extends a warm invitation to all residents of Enugu and visitors to the Coal City and beyond to join in this cultural celebration.

The Kachi James Gallery opening is made possible by AI Movement, an organization dedicated to fostering and encouraging artistic expression. For more information and to confirm attendance, please visit or

FAQ : Grand Opening of Kachi James Gallery

The grand opening of Kachi James Gallery is scheduled for October 8, 2023, in Enugu, Nigeria. The venue is 1, Snapp Drive, Independence Layout, Enugu, and the event begins at 12:00 noon.
Attendees will experience a vibrant blend of traditional and cutting-edge art forms, including captivating art exhibitions, live art performances, dance showcases, masterpieces available through live auctions, and an interactive "sip and paint" corner.
The event is organized by AI Movement, a dedicated organization that promotes artistic expression and fosters the local art community in Enugu.
To confirm your attendance and gather more details about this cultural celebration, please visit or
Absolutely! The "sip and paint" corner welcomes participants of all skill levels to explore their artistic side in a fun and interactive setting.