20 Things to Know about Late Prof. Ben Nwabueze

Late Professor Ben Nwabueze

Remembering the Illustrious Legacy of Late Prof. Ben Nwabueze: 20 Intriguing Insights. Explore the profound influence of the revered legal luminary, constitutional expert, and advocate for justice. In this tribute, we delve into his remarkable contributions to law, politics, and his enduring impact on Nigeria’s national project.

  1. Professor Ben Nwabueze, a distinguished legal scholar and Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), earned acclaim for his significant contributions to the legal field.
  2. He held the esteemed position of Secretary General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo worldwide, underscoring his role in championing Igbo interests on a global scale.
  3. His passing on October 31, 2023, triggered a profound sense of mourning across Nigeria, leaving an irreplaceable void in both the legal community and the nation as a whole.
  4. Mr. Peter Obi, former Anambra State Governor and Vice-Presidential Candidate, expressed deep sorrow over Prof. Nwabueze’s loss, describing him as a revered fatherly figure, a constitutional law expert, and a leading patriot.
  5. Prof. Nwabueze’s contributions to Nigeria, particularly in the realms of education and legal practice, were immeasurable. He was celebrated for his expertise in constitutional law.
  6. He played a pivotal role in shaping Nigeria’s legal landscape, making him a sought-after figure in the legal community.
  7. His enduring legacy is destined to resonate through generations, rooted in his unwavering commitment to principles of justice and constitutional law.
  8. Atiku Abubakar, former Nigerian Vice President, conveyed heartfelt condolences and underscored his close and meaningful connection with the late professor.
  9. Prof. Nwabueze made invaluable contributions to the advancement of constitutionalism, not only within Nigeria but on a global scale, emphasizing the significance of the ongoing Nigerian national project.
  10. His legacy includes his involvement in framing Decree 34, which played a role in transitioning Nigeria into a unified entity by dismantling the regional structure that existed until 1966, an aspect of his legacy generating mixed opinions.
  11. Professor Nwabueze was a legal luminary and scholar renowned for his extensive knowledge of constitutional law, used to advocate for the rule of law and justice.
  12. He was widely recognized for his intellectual brilliance and served as a mentor to many in the legal profession, generously sharing his knowledge and expertise.
  13. Beyond his legal career, Professor Nwabueze demonstrated a profound commitment to the well-being and progress of the Igbo people, exemplified through his role in Ohanaeze Ndigbo worldwide.
  14. His legacy includes his unwavering dedication to promoting unity and justice within Nigeria, as well as his steadfast support for the Nigerian national project.
  15. Prof. Nwabueze’s influence extended beyond the legal community; he was a respected figure in Nigerian politics and a prominent supporter of Atiku Abubakar during the 2019 presidential election.
  16. He played a pivotal role in providing legal expertise and guidance during the legal proceedings stemming from the 2019 presidential election.
  17. The late professor’s wisdom and intellectual prowess made him a sought-after advisor and consultant on matters of constitutional reform and legal affairs.
  18. His association with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and his endorsement of Atiku Abubakar as a presidential aspirant reflected his active involvement in Nigerian politics.
  19. Prof. Nwabueze’s words regarding the “unfinished Nigerian Project” deeply resonated with Atiku, expressing his hope that Atiku would ascend to the presidency of Nigeria.
  20. The final arrangements for Professor Ben Nwabueze’s farewell will be shared with the public shortly as the nation continues to mourn the loss of a legal titan and a distinguished patriot.
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Prof. Ben Nwabueze’s indelible legacy as a legal giant and patriot resonates across law, politics, and the Nigerian national project, leaving an irreplaceable void.

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