Bad Boy Timz Hints On Record Label Legal Battle, Bully


Bullying took me away from music for a whole year, as recounted by Afrobeats artist Oluwatimilehin Olorunyomi, better known as Bad Boy Timz. He revealed the challenges he faced during that time, stemming from disputes with his former record label, which led to his arrest.

During a recent media discussion, Timz shared, “The bullying I endured included being unlawfully arrested on the request of my previous record label. Unfortunately, the legal system in our country often favors the wealthy and doesn’t protect the average person. This ordeal led to a year-long hiatus in my music career. I had no choice but to terminate the contract because I couldn’t work with someone who had me arrested over a contractual dispute. It was an extremely unsuitable working environment.”

Timz went on to explain that he had to settle with the label and even leave the country for a while to regain his composure.

Regarding his decision to keep his struggles hidden from senior figures in the industry, Timz mentioned, “Everyone assumed I lacked loyalty, but nobody understood the turmoil I was experiencing, nor did they show any concern.”

In terms of his creative process, he disclosed, “Sometimes my songs are born from freestyles, and at other times, I write them without any accompanying music. There’s no fixed formula for how I create my music. It’s a reflection of my own experiences, those of others, and a sense of social awareness. I also touch on topics relevant to the youth because I am one, and that’s what my audience wants to hear.”