Home POLITICS Choosing A Good Leader Is Our Business, Not God’s – Catholic Priest

Choosing A Good Leader Is Our Business, Not God’s – Catholic Priest


BY – Michael Ilediagu

A Catholic priest in Enugu State, Rev Fr. Benjamin Achi has decried the attitude of Nigerians who believe that resorting to prayers is a sure bet to getting good leaders.

The clergy man, who is the director of communications, Catholic Diocese of Enugu made the statement while reacting to an online remark made by another priest.

Fr. Benjamin said “A moment ago, I read a popular Nigerian pastor being quoted as having said: “I’m praying that God gives us a good leader”.

“Point of correction sir: We are the ones that would give ourselves a good leader because the God you are disturbing with prayers has given us the power to choose a good leader ourselves. That’s what people do elsewhere. They choose their leaders, using the power of the mind and the intellect that God has given them”.

Rev Father Benjamin Achi
Rev Father Benjamin Achi

” Here, we do the opposite. We choose to fold our arms and expect God to come down from heaven to do for us what he has given us the power to do ourselves”/

“You don’t think we deserve divine punishment for such preposterous action?”

“Choose your leader yourself. Leave God alone!” he concluded.

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