House of Reps Denies N100 Million Palliative Allegations

Nigeria House of Representatives

Nigeria House of Reps vehemently denies recent media reports suggesting that its members were beneficiaries of a N100 million palliative grant from the executive branch of the government.

In an official statement released on Wednesday, Akin Rotimi, the spokesperson for the Nigeria House of Reps , clarified the situation in response to claims made by Mr. Christopher Onyeka, the National Assistant General Secretary of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC). Mr. Onyeka had alleged that the executive arm had disbursed N100 million to National Assembly members as part of a palliative initiative.

Rotimi dismissed these assertions as unfounded and lacking in factual accuracy, asserting the significance of transparency and truth in public discourse for a robust democracy. He expressed doubts about whether Mr. Onyeka accurately represented the NLC’s official stance on this matter but emphasized the importance of rectifying such misinformation.

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In no uncertain terms, Rotimi asserted, “We categorically state that Mr. Onyeka’s claim of the National Assembly members (House of Reps ) receiving N100 million as palliatives is false. To be clear, at no point did House of Representatives members receive any financial assistance from the executive branch as palliatives. Consequently, we view this statement as malicious, irresponsible, and in bad faith.”

He continued, “It is both irresponsible and regrettable that Mr. Onyeka would distort the truth to bolster valid NLC demands while simultaneously undermining the National Assembly and inciting public sentiment against House of Reps.”

The spokesperson emphasized that the NLC, as a pivotal stakeholder in Nigeria’s development, should maintain its credibility by refraining from including unfounded claims in its legitimate advocacy efforts.

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The House of Representatives has officially demanded an immediate retraction of the alleged misinformation and a public apology from the NLC. This development underscores the commitment of the House of Reps to transparency and accountability in the country’s governance.

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