Soldiers Save Lagos Woman from Suicide

woman survived suicide attempt

In a remarkable display of heroism, the 81 Division of the Nigerian Army has averted a tragedy by thwarting a suicide attempt made by a woman known as Mrs. Francesca Spark. She had leaped into the turbulent waters of the Lagos Lagoon in a desperate act.

This life-saving intervention was reported in an official statement released by Lieutenant Colonel Olabisi Olalekan Ayeni, the Acting Deputy Director of Army Public Relations, on a Monday morning.

The incident unfolded around the vicinity of the 81 Division Officers’ Mess in Marina, Lagos, where Mrs. Spark took the perilous leap into the lagoon. It was the vigilant troops of the 65 Battalion of the Nigerian Army stationed at the Officers’ Mess who swiftly sprang into action.

Leveraging their well-honed military riverine skills and resourcefulness, they managed to rescue Mrs. Spark from the perilous waters. Following her rescue, she received immediate first aid and was stabilized by the battalion’s medical team.

Once Mrs. Spark was in stable condition, her family was promptly contacted. She was then handed over to her husband, Mr. Spark Oghene Ovie, who resides in Awoyaya, Lagos.

Major General Muhammed Takuti Usman, the General Officer Commanding of the 81 Division, expressed his admiration and gratitude towards the soldiers for their vigilance, resourcefulness, courage, and valor in this rescue mission. He underscored the significance of the military’s role in managing emergencies and responding to natural disasters.

Major General Usman confirmed that the troops had received extensive training to provide support to lead agencies during crises and assured the local residents of the army’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding their well-being and assets, especially in times of crisis.