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Peter Obi Humbles Tinubu, Atiku, Others Says Office of President Demands Physical, Mental Energy – [Video Report]


Presidential Candidate of the Labor Party, LP, Mr. Peter Obi said that position of President Demands Physical and mental energy.

Peter Obi in recent interview seems to be tackling his rivals who are introducing bigotry and premodial sentiments in the campaign.

Obi asked Nigerians to trust and support him based on competency, character and demands of the office without premodial sentiments.

In his words “I said to Nigerians, trust me; I will start from day one, show visible, measurable progress. I can’t be a president who will start complaining or blaming everyone; my duty will be to solve problems”.

Obi further told Nigerians to look inward among the Eighteen Presidential Candidates in the forthcoming general election and pick the one they trust can turn around the fortune of the country.

“So, among the 18 of us seeking to be president, who do you trust? Our Manifesto may be saying thesame thing. Some may speak more queens English more than myself; but among us, who do you trust that if given opportunity to be president, he will do better” Obi added.

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