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2023: Reno Omokri Backs Atiku Abubakar, Urges Peter Obi to think beyond PDP, APC


Social critic, Reno Omokri has charged Mr. Peter Obi to think beyond the two major political parties in Nigeria.

Reno in his several posts said “Candidates like Peter Obi do not have to limit themselves to the PDP/APC dichotomy”.

” There is power beyond those two parties. Actually, power belongs to the people, and if you can connect with them, you can collect their votes”.

“At 39, Emmanuel Macron created a brand new political party named La République En Marche, in 2016. A year later, he won election with his new party, becoming French President”.

“He defeated parties that had been in existence for over a century. Nigerian youths and visionary candidates should not think they can’t start a new party and win in 2023. Even if INEC will not register your party, do a hostile takeover of one of the smaller parties”.

“Go up North and present a solution to the security crises they face. Present that solution not to Emirs, but to grassroots political leaders and you will be surprised the votes you will get”.


According to Reno “Of all the aspirants so far, Atiku Abubakar is the best in my opinion. Not the best Northern candidate. The best. Period! He has been prepared since 1993”.

“He has a plan for creating jobs and ending security, which makes sense. As VP, He successfully led the Economic Management Team and drove the deregulation of the telecom sector and by that action, created millions of jobs for Nigerians and exploded our GDP. He helped calm this nation during the Sharia crisis of 2000”.

“Fourteen years after leaving office, he employs more people than many state governments. He is detribalised. He has already demonstrated that he can get at least 11 million votes”.

“Peter Obi is an excellent candidate. Of all the Southern candidates, none is close to him in terms of records of past performance. He became a Governor without a Godfather. He fought powers to retain his mandate. And when he got it, he performed”.

“He over performed! He took an educationally backward state and made her the number one in terms of WAEC and NECO results. His businesses are thriving and obvious to all”.

“Now, don’t get emotional and insult me. If you think I am wrong, then convince me. Come up with facts, as I have done” he advised his follower.

“Divorce yourself from your ethnic and religious sentiments as I have done. Persuade me without appealing to ethno-religious sentiments. Give me cold hard facts. Do not whine to me about turn” he added.

“None of those I support are ethically or consanguineously linked to me. As the Lord sees my heart, I am not on salary from them. I have spoken my conscience to a nation that is in dire need of leadership!” he concluded.


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