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Breaking: Popular Agropreneur, Online Sensation, Ovaioza lands in police net over alleged fraud [Video]


Ovaioza Imu Yinusa was a perceived experienced agro-trader who collected money from her clients to invest in food storage, taking advantage of Nigeria’s burgeoning agricultural industry.

It was gathered that for her labour and lease of her supposed warehousing units, you would get 70% of the profits generated and she would keep 30% as her income.

She was supposed to return your capital whenever you needed it in future.

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According those accusing her of fraud, they alleged that “When she saw that people were becoming increasingly interested in the Nigerian agriculture and agro-allied industry, she decided to bring her trade online. “But she did it with a twist”.

“She decided to make it look posh and more high-level than it is in reality”.

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Using her rudimentary knowledge of food storage and farming, she created content for the social media, boasting about how billions could be picked up from this end-level aspect of agriculture: food storage”.

‘She leveraged on her growing Friends List and infiltrated popular Facebook cliques of feminists and sundry content creators”.

“Leveraging further on these connections, she slowly built up a profile as someone of note”.

“Then, based on advice, she crafted a scheme of influence-buying to promote herself as a significant investor in food storage business”.

“She would post pictures and make short posts about her “highly profitable business”. Before long, her profile became more pronounced. An influencer was born”

“Then, she began to do giveaways.
She invested in “Paid Mentions” – a strategy of personal branding where Facebookers who crave visibility would give a popular Facebooker / Influencer money, gifts or some form of aid and would either stipulate or imply that the receiver publicise it in form of a post”.

“Where other wannabe influencers or personal brands gave in thousands, and targeted their social investment to their circle of friends and hangers-on, Ovaioza threw down in millions.

“From high-end gadgets like iPhones to cars, shopping sprees and millions in cash.
She turned up and made it rain”.

“She gave in a seemingly haphazard manner like a drunkard at an NURTW end-of-year party”.”

What this did was to make her generosity look so whimsical and random, that ANYONE could just “receive her grace at any time and in any direction her “giving spirit” moved.

And in this way, Ovaioza actually became a god.

Her hangers-on and hopeful devotees increased in legions.

They garrisoned her Facebook wall. They policed the entire Facebook to sniff out anyone who as much as dared to utter one negative word about her.

“They would descend on you in droves. They would drag, mock, deride and verbally assault that unfortunate soul to the gates of h..e..LL.”

“She was rotating money – her investors’ money”.

“Fam, Ovaioza did not use your money to store one seed of corn 🌽.
Ovaioza did not buy one finger of plantain 🍌 to store”.

Another victim of the scheme said she observed that “Ovaizo simply flexed on the money they transferred to her; did “philanthropy” in Paid Mentions, collected overdo nicknames like Wire-Wire to fortify herself against criticism and buy mob appeal.

“Having a background in farming cycles, she knew to drop some change from the funds given her to the different investors.
It was this stipend she called “profit”.

“Most people who joined her league of investors late in 2021 only have a dashboard figure to hold as “profit”. They have not seen a dime”.

“This was how Ovaioza Imu Yinusa who was once a pupil of Makaranta schools with almajiri ruminants in the Sambisa north was also the Ovaioza who travelled with Chadian and Sudanese refugees on goods trucks to offload foodstuff for stipends”.

“This is how she was also the Ovaioza who graduated to local buying and selling cooperative with subsistence farmers in Nassarawa”.”

“Thus is how she was also the Ovaioza who drifted with her criminal minded mother known as Do-good Omeiza to Abuja where she tried different hustles from working as an unlicensed auxiliary nurse to christian gospel singer and then to nudist billionaire agropreneur all in the space of a few years”.

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