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PDP Must hold Engr. Vita Abba, His Allies responsible for Disrupting Party’s Meeting In Nsukka – NDM

PAT Asadu Remains fair, firm - NDM


“The good people of Nsukka should be mindful of their real enemies who intend to endanger their lives for selfish political gains”.

The aforementioned advice was contained in a press statement made available to News Center Nigeria by the leadership of Nsukka Democratic Movement, (NDM) and Spokesman of the Organization, Comrade Onyebuchi Igboke on Saturday 14th April, 2022.

According to the Press Statement, “Nsukka Democratic Movement condemned the shameful act that took place last Saturday during the PDP meeting”.

The group said “It was a clear case of selfish interest of very few Nsukka Political stakeholders that failed to grow and learn how to play politics according to the laid down rules”.

“Few elements that are bent on deceiving the peace loving people of Nsukka, with sole aim of making them feel that they are contesting the House of Reps in other to champion the interest of Nsukka people even more than the current man, Right Hon. Pat Asadu who is occupying the position”.

“Some of them have the opportunity to recommend other Nsukka people to benefit from the current administration in Enugu State, especially in Project Development and Implementation (PDI), Enugu State; but they rather gave it to their wives, thereby empowering only their immediate families”.

Meanwhile “the worst street light in Enugu State today is the dualised Opi-Nsukka road which was given to the same Man”.

NDM alleged that “If he truly cares for the betterment of Nsukka people as he is propagating currently, why did he deliver a poor job in 2013 when he superheaded construction of 6 Kilometer road captured in Enugu State budget. The road which was designed to cover Nru, Edeoballa and Ehalumona precisely; but it was started and ended within Edeoballa only”.

” NDM believe that such person cannot be liberal than Hon Pat Asadu”.

“All the projects attracted and executed by Hon.Dr Pat Asadu are evenly distributed between Nsukka and Igboeze South. It shows his detribalized nature unlike some folks who even played role in thwarting the agenda of Hon.Cosmas Ugwueze bid to return to Adada House”.

“The trouble that was witnessed last Saturday at PDP meeting was as a result of clannish character of few elements who championed the 4th term agenda of the incumbent House of Reps Member, but all of a sudden turned around to contest against the 5th term”.

“We perceive their actions as ill advised at this moment that every right thinking Nsukka and Igboeze South person could see transformation of our constituency by Rt Hon. Pat Asadu through attraction of federal projects”.

“The big questions remain; what actually changed? How could an elite brain wash some blind followers to start kicking against a performing House of Reps member who is holding our mandate at the National Assembly, a number one party stakeholder in Nsukka/Igbo South federal constituency to the extent that they insisted he should not be allowed to address the party members at the Nsukka PDP meeting?”

“But unfortunately for them, they were overwhelmed by the resistance they witnessed”.

“As a group we (NDM) insists that it remains the constitutional right of Hon. Pat Asadu to contest for an election”.

“Also it is worthy to note that Dr Asadu is not breaking a new record in Enugu state. Someone like Senator Ike Ekweremmadu did the same thing with great impact. A tour at the Enugu west senatorial zone will justify our stand”.

“Now is the time to drum support and show Hon Asadu the needed solidarity to perform as well”.

“We need to remind our people that we have never witnessed ashphalt road attracted by our people who in the past occupied Senate and House of Reps positions; a jinx Hon. Asadu has broken”.

“Performance should override politics of turn by turn, because the new person may take us backwards and spend another eight years watering the ground at the National Assembly”.

NDM will continue to prioritize performance over nepotism and clanishness.

For the benefit of doubt: The following road projects were attracted and delivered just within the last 3 years by Hon. Pat Asadu.

  • Nru. Road, Agbamere road, Ibagwa inner city road, Igbo Ano to Orba Road, Umugbabe OVOKO to Uhunowerre, Edem Road, Nguru, Road Iheaka to Ovoko-Agu Road, Itchi Uwani – Nkalagu Road and Itchi Uwenu to Nkalagu Road”.

“And to commence soon – Opi Road, Okpaligbo Road, Barracks to Agu Echara Road, Iheakpu Road and Iheaka Road. We shall continue to speak truth to power as power belongs to God!”

“It is with keen interest that we support Right Hon Asadu’s return to the House of Reps in 2023 believing that he will perform better than any other aspirant in the contest who may end up spending more years studying the internal politics of the National Assembly”.

Development doesn’t wait for anyone. We must go to the National assembly in 2023 with the right team and candidate”. they concluded.

Meanwhile, News Center Nigeria is unable to hear from Engr. Vita Abba over his involvement in the fight that erupted in the PDP stakeholders meeting held at Nsukka.

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