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Enugu House of Assembly: Why I wish to Represent my people, Ezeagu Constituency – Offiah


One of the key contenders to represent Ezeagu local government area in Enugu state house of Assembly, Hon. Lindsey Offiah has addressed his vision and program  if elected into office in 2023.

Offiah said it was his humble and passion-driven desire to stand out for the good people of Ezeagu as their representative at the Enugu State House of Assembly in the forthcoming 2023 General Elections.

My Mission

To tactfully, dutifully and objectively represent my constituency in the lawmaking organ of Enugu State Government. To mobilize both intellectual and material resources in ensuring that adequate legislative frameworks are put in place in such a manner as to assuage the plights and frustrations of my people of Ezeagu in particular and the State at large especially where it concerns the teeming youths of Ezeagu.

My Concern:

My sole concern and personal motivation is the precarious conditions of our resourceful youths who are often lured, used and perennially abandoned to their fate. I am also pained by the state of underdevelopment in terms of dearth of basic infrastructural facilities in our communities even when most of times such facilities have been approved and awarded.
No doubt, the two concerns raised above are anchored on the two basic functions of a legislator in a modern democracy, namely lawmaking and oversight functions.

Law Making:

The legislative function of lawmaking is central to the plethora of endeavours of a legislator. Laws are a body of rules and principles that govern states. The future of any state depends largely on the contents and enforcement of those basic principles. On that note, with my personal experience and consultation with legal associates, I have already outlined a number of bills whose successful enactment will promote the establishment of industries that have comparative advantages in the state.

My constituency, Ezeagu Local Government is endowed with arable land that provide the opportunities of agricultural exploits. The high quality cash crops such as cashew nuts that are available in commercial quantity has the prospects of earning Nigeria substantial foreign exchange earnings from the global market, talk more of Cassava, Yam, Coco Yam, Palm trees etc. Insecurity of course is one of the ill products of high youth unemployment and industrialization remains a potent tool to alleviate high unemployment. It is therefore my earnest desire and wish to sponsor bills that will translate to improved living conditions of my people as well as the attendant lobbying of such bills to their enactment.

On the issue of oversight duties, I have designed an organically prodent machanism to ensure effective monitoring and supervision of government developmental projects within the scope of my executive oversight. Let me sound it that inefficiency in doing this accounts for the various abandoned projects by various governments ministries, agencies and departments. This function calls to duty the conscience and consciousness of legislators who often are tempted with mundane gratifications to the detriment of the people they represent.

My Representation: As an Ezeagu born, bred and educated youth advocate who have lived his entire life engagging, working and supporting people from very diverse backgrounds both from far and near, I have first hand experience of what the good people of Ezeagu Local Government Area face on a daily basis. In various capacities and positions I have occupied, I have advocated and championed programmes that positively affected the living conditions of my people within their distinctive demographic strata.

My hunger to represent ndi Ezeagu at the Enugu State House of Assembly is in line with my insatiable desire to increase the collective wealth and well-being of my people through a representation that will bring about favourable changes to the meaning and essence of life by our collective lives because my life’s maxim is: a prosperous son in a midst of impovished brothers is also impoverished. My representation will therefore be humanly engaging, procedurally transparent and strategically driven by the collective needs of my constituency.

The past gave us today’s history, my representation will change direction of our history by ushering a new narrative of legislative representation if given the solemn mandate of having a stint at the Enugu State Assembly come 2023 by the special grace of God through the wishes of my people, the noble people of Ezeagu.

Hon Offiah Kingsley Ndubuisi

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