Supreme Court’s Delay in Kanu Case Sparks Concerns

Release of Nnamdi Kanu Could End Buhari's Persecution

Abuja, Nigeria – Special Counsel Aloy Ejimakor, Esq., representing Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, issued a statement today expressing deep concern over the Supreme Court’s failure to release the Certified True Copies (CTC) of its judgment, a delay now extending to Thirty-Three (33) days.

The judgment, delivered on December 15, 2023, in the case of the Federal Republic of Nigeria versus Nnamdi Kanu, has sparked controversy as applications for the release of the CTC of the judgment and the enrolled Order have gone unanswered, infringing on constitutional provisions.

Section 36 (7) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria explicitly guarantees individuals tried for criminal offenses the right to obtain copies of the judgment within seven days of the case’s conclusion. The failure to provide these essential documents not only violates constitutional rights but also hampers due legal process.

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The Supreme Court’s judgment had remitted the case to the Federal High Court for trial consideration. However, the Federal High Court is unable to proceed without the necessary certified documents. Nnamdi Kanu’s legal team, led by Aloy Ejimakor, emphasizes that a fair and timely trial is impossible without access to the Certified True Copies.

“The failure of the Supreme Court to release the CTC of the judgment is not only a breach of constitutional provisions but also impedes the due process of law. It undermines the fundamental right of the accused to a fair and timely trial,” stated Aloy Ejimakor.

This situation raises questions about the transparency and efficiency of the judicial process, leaving the case in a state of uncertainty. The delay in releasing crucial documents challenges the principles of the Nigerian Constitution, casting doubt on the adherence to the rule of law.

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As the legal team awaits a response from the Supreme Court, Aloy Ejimakor urges prompt action to rectify the situation and ensure justice is served. The team emphasizes the importance of upholding constitutional rights and calls for the expedited release of the Certified True Copies to restore faith in the legal system.