Outgoing Enugu LG Chairmen Risk Probe – Chinedu Eya

Chinedu Eya

A former contender for the Enugu North Senatorial seat, Chief Chinedu Eya, has indicated that Governor Peter Ndibuisi Mbah of Enugu State is likely to scrutinize the financial dealings of the current local government chairmen as their terms conclude.

Expressing his viewpoint on the matter on January 17, 2024, via his official Facebook page, Chief Eya clarified that only local government chairmen with a track record of prudent management and tangible accomplishments may evade the impending investigations.

In his statement, Chief Eya emphasized, “While I am not officially representing our esteemed Governor, considering the governance approach witnessed since he assumed office at Lion Building, it appears that outgoing local government chairmen should brace themselves for scrutiny and potential legal action.

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“Coming from a corporate background and harboring a resolute commitment to state transformation through industrialization, Governor Mbah is naturally averse to wastefulness and extravagance.

“Furthermore, leaders with ambitious goals, such as Governor Mbah, who has articulated intentions to elevate the state’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) from $4 billion to $30 billion, signal a cautious era for those under such leadership.

“Under such visionary leadership, there is a predisposition to frown upon unnecessary expenditures and financial recklessness, which is why I foresee an investigation into the financial affairs of the outgoing local government chairmen,” he elaborated.