Kenneth Okonkwo Cuts Ties with Labour Party Leadership

Kenneth Okonkwo

In a dramatic turn of events, renowned actor and political figure Kenneth Okonkwo has announced his decision to suspend all relations with the Abure-led National Working Committee (NWC) of the Labour Party. Okonkwo’s decision, announced via his social media handle, underscores his firm stance against corruption and incompetence within the party’s leadership.

“I am suspending my relationship in all ramifications with the purported Abure-led National Working Committee of Labour Party,” Okonkwo declared. His statement reflects a deep disillusionment with the current party leadership, which he accuses of embodying the same failures he sought to escape when he left the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

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“For me, it’s either a new Nigeria or nothing. I prefer to lose doing the right thing to winning doing the wrong thing,” Okonkwo asserted, emphasizing his commitment to ethical standards in his political journey. He did not mince words in his critique of the NWC’s recent actions, stating, “Nothing can wash out the criminality, corruption, and incompetence with which the purported National Convention was purportedly organised by Abure.”

Okonkwo’s departure from the APC was driven by his belief that the party was “incompetent and dishonest.” His move to the Labour Party was initially seen as aligning with his vision for a new, reformed Nigeria. However, the ongoing issues within the Labour Party’s leadership have prompted him to reconsider his affiliation.

“I did not leave the comfort of a ruling party APC because I believe that they are incompetent and dishonest only to come and join another incompetent and corrupt association,” Okonkwo remarked, making his discontent with the Labour Party’s current state abundantly clear.

His bold stance highlights a growing discontent among party members and supporters, raising questions about the future of the Labour Party under its current leadership. As Okonkwo steps away, his call for a new Nigeria continues to resonate, underscoring the challenges and complexities of achieving political reform in the country.

For now, Okonkwo’s next steps remain uncertain, but his commitment to integrity in politics sets a standard that many of his followers and fellow Nigerians may rally behind.