Basketmouth Apologizes to AY: 17-Year Feud Ends


After a lengthy and tumultuous 17-year feud, popular Nigerian comedian Bright Okpocha, widely known as Basketmouth, has extended a heartfelt apology to his fellow comedian and longtime adversary, Ayo Makun, also known as AY.

The two comedians had been locked in a bitter dispute for over a decade, stemming from a financial disagreement in which AY accused Basketmouth of owing him a substantial sum of money. The dispute had cast a shadow over their professional relationship and personal interactions.

In a candid revelation during a March 2023 interview with the renowned media personality Chude Jideonwo, AY disclosed that, early in their careers, Basketmouth had invited him to perform at a comedy show as his replacement. However, after delivering a successful performance, AY alleged that Basketmouth failed to honor the agreed-upon N30,000 fee, despite the event’s organizers having already made the payment to Basketmouth in advance.

In response to these allegations, Basketmouth initially chose to remain silent, expressing a desire to sever ties with AY. In a widely circulated video, he bluntly stated, “To be honest, I don’t want that guy to ever hear from you.”

However, in an unexpected turn of events, Basketmouth has now made a sincere apology to AY for any harm or discomfort caused throughout their prolonged disagreement. Taking to his Instagram page on a Monday, Basketmouth shared a heartfelt video message expressing his genuine remorse.

“To my dear friend AY, I’m not sure if my apology still holds weight at this point, but if it does, please find it in your heart to forgive me for any actions or words from the past that may have hurt you in any way,” Basketmouth earnestly conveyed. “I want you to know that I have also forgiven you for anything you may have said or done, whether knowingly or unknowingly. My only desire is for us to find peace and harmony in our relationship.”

The unexpected reconciliation between these two prominent Nigerian comedians has stirred curiosity and excitement among fans and industry insiders alike, offering hope for a renewed and harmonious partnership in the world of comedy.

Why Basketmouth Apologized to AY

Basketmouth and AY were feuding for 17 years due to a financial dispute that began early in their comedy careers. AY claimed that Basketmouth invited him to perform at a comedy show but failed to pay him the agreed-upon N30,000 fee after the successful performance, even though the event organizers had already paid Basketmouth in advance.
Basketmouth and AY reconciled their feud when Basketmouth made a heartfelt apology to AY via an Instagram video. In the video, Basketmouth expressed genuine remorse for any harm caused during their prolonged disagreement and forgave AY for any actions or words. This unexpected reconciliation ended their 17-year feud.
The reconciliation between Basketmouth and AY has sparked excitement and curiosity within the comedy industry. It offers hope for a renewed and harmonious partnership between two prominent Nigerian comedians. This reconciliation may lead to collaborative efforts and a more positive atmosphere within the comedy world, potentially influencing the dynamics of the industry.
Basketmouth decided to apologize to AY after years of silence because he genuinely desired peace and harmony in their relationship. While he initially chose not to respond to the feud, he later realized the importance of forgiveness and wanted to mend their strained ties, putting an end to any lingering animosity.