Blackface Calls Out 2Face as Plantashun Boiz Rift Deepens

2face and Blackface

Blackface, the renowned dancehall artist and former member of the now-defunct Plantashun Boiz, recently shed light on the longstanding feud with his former bandmate, 2Face, attributing it to 2Face’s lingering sense of inferiority.

In a candid conversation during the latest episode of The Honest Bunch Podcast, Blackface clarified that his relationship with Faze remained amicable, but he pointed the finger at 2Baba for the ongoing discord.

In a compassionate gesture, Blackface expressed his forgiveness towards 2Face, acknowledging the wrongs done to him both knowingly and unknowingly.

He also extended an olive branch, urging the ‘African Queen’ singer to find it within himself to forgive Blackface for any transgressions that may have occurred between them.

“I maintain a positive relationship with Faze, and perhaps 2Face grapples with feelings of inferiority in our dynamic. It is high time we put our differences to rest. I’ve forgiven 2Face for any grievances, whether intentional or unintentional, and I implore him to consider extending the same forgiveness to me for any past actions,” stated Blackface.