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But Why On Earth Should Peter Obi Even Want To Be President Of Nigeria?


By Benjamin Achi

Yes! You read that correctly. That question sometimes agitates my mind in all sincerity? As a matter of fact, I’m one of those who have not stopped wondering why a man so blessed like Peter Obi would decide to leave his comfort zone to start nursing the ambition of steering an unfortunate ship that has been pushed to the most stormy parts of the waters by successive bad captains, the worst yet of which is the man presently holding the reins. Why would any sane person who really wants peace for himself, want to be president after an administration like the present one?

Yes! I would understand a Bola Ahmed Tinubu or an Atiku Abubakar being so desperate to go to the Aso Villa. These are two very old members of the establishment and principal players who are not in the least bothered about the mess they have both contributed a big quota in plunging the country into. It is not only that these duo don’t give a hute if Nigeria sails or sinks, but they are also very poised to either maintain the status-quo or even run the country further aground. So yes! Either of the two would be glad to find themselves in the State House. The job would be very easy for them because they are not ready to change anything. They would swim with the tide and not against it. They are not going to challenge the system because that would be tantamount to cutting the branch upon which they are sitting. With either of the two, it would be business as usual: the same mindless breaking of those tongue-in-cheek electoral promises; the same playing of the tribal and religious cards to keep the Nigerian people divided; the same brigandage and thievery; all of these and more.

So I understand Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Atiku Abubakar. They are old in the bad game and are ready to go on with it, until they draw their last breath!

But Peter Obi is the one who wants to give himself a big burden. The burden of wanting to be the president with the honest desire to do things differently; to challenge the status-quo; to save the sinking ship. Peter is the one who is ready pick up the gauntlet; to stir the hornet’s nest. Peter is the one wanting to give himself headache.

I honestly think that Peter Obi is doing us Nigerians a favour coming into this presidential race and expressing his readiness to bring his goodwill and his track record of integrity in public service to bear in cleaning up the so much mess this country has been plunged into especially by the outgoing administration.

What has not gone wrong in Nigeria?

But we all know, that no matter how much things would go south in this country, there is this category of people who would never suffer want; who would ever be sure of a beautiful life. And I’m sure no one is in doubt that a certain Peter Gregory Onwubuasi Obi belongs to that category. This is why I ask the heavens to bless Peter Obi’s heart, for even thinking in the direction of the presidency.

The greatest favour we would ever do ourselves in the present circumstances, is to not allow this golden moment slip through our fingers.

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