Breaking: UK PM Confirms RAF Intercept of Iranian Drones

UK Prime Minister

In a significant development, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has confirmed the successful interception of “a number of Iranian attack drones” by British Royal Air Force (RAF) jets en route to Israel.

Sunak’s statement underscores the proactive measures taken as part of ongoing RAF operations against ISIS in the region.

Highlighting the gravity of the situation, Sunak reveals the convening of an emergency meeting to strategize a response to potential Iranian threats.

He praises the collaborative efforts that prevented a potential catastrophe, emphasizing the crucial role of international coordination in ensuring regional security.

Expressing concerns over Iran’s destabilizing actions, Sunak announces plans to address the situation with G7 leaders, emphasizing the necessity of unified action to de-escalate tensions.

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Stay informed as this story continues to unfold, with updates from London by Niamh Kennedy.

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