Amozalla Youth Association: Election Guidelines 2023

Amozalla, Enugu: In anticipation of the forthcoming election of the Amozalla Youth Association, Enugu Branch, scheduled for November 5, 2023, the Electoral Committee has issued a set of guidelines as reported by News Center Nigeria.

The Guideline is to ensure a smooth and transparent electoral process and help their members to prepare for the event.

Membership Requirement: To participate as a candidate or voter in the election, it is mandatory to be a member of the Amozalla Youth Association. Specifically, candidates and electorates should not have missed any meetings for more than three months.

Financial Obligations: Eligibility to vote or stand as a candidate also requires being up to date with financial obligations. This means members should be current with their monthly dues and must have fulfilled their commitments to various functions.

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Attendance at the Venue: All contestants are expected to be physically present at the election venue unless they face extenuating circumstances such as illness or a family emergency.

Participation from Diaspora: Members residing in the diaspora who wish to vote in the election must make arrangements to be present at the venue during the election.

Election Outcomes: The candidate who secures the highest number of votes will be declared the winner for the respective position. In cases where only two candidates are vying for a particular position, the candidate with fewer votes will automatically become the vice or assistant for that position.

Secret Balloting: The voting process will be conducted through a secret ballot system to ensure the confidentiality of members’ choices.

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Accreditation of Members: Accreditation of members will commence promptly at 2:00 PM on the day of the election. The presence of the incumbent Financial Secretary is crucial for the success of this process, and their punctuality is highly emphasized.

Manifesto Presentation: Candidates contesting for the positions of President, Secretary, Financial Secretary, and Treasurer will have the opportunity to present their manifestos immediately after the accreditation process.

The Electoral Committee also requests the nominal roll of members to determine the quantity of ballot papers required for the election.

Members interested in declaring their candidacy for specific positions are invited to do so at their earliest convenience.

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The announcement  made available to News Center Nigeria was E-signed by: Onuora Abrochukwu, Chairman,
Engr. Mentus Ozoibe, Secretary, and Isiagu Abrochukwu, Member.

With these guidelines in place, the Amozalla Youth Association, Enugu Branch, aims to ensure a fair and transparent electoral process, promoting the principles of democracy within the organization as they prepare for the upcoming elections on November 5, 2023.

Speaking to the Editor News Center Nigeria, the outgoing President of the Association, Nwafor Ernest Obiora said everything have been put in place to ensure that the process is transparent, free, peaceful and fair.


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