Tinubu Calls for Global Peace Efforts

President Tinubu

President Bola Tinubu, in a heartfelt address during the Ramadan Iftar gathering on Friday in Abuja, appealed for global peace and stability, particularly in Africa and other regions grappling with turmoil.

Addressing the assembled members of the Diplomatic Corps and heads of international organizations, President Tinubu underscored the significance of promoting peace and stability worldwide, emphasizing the shared responsibility in fostering these values.

“Ramadan signifies a time of self-reflection, tolerance, and perseverance,” noted President Tinubu, highlighting the virtues pivotal to nurturing harmony and stability across nations.

He urged ambassadors to convey the imperative of peace and stability to their respective countries, recognizing the pivotal role diplomats play in shaping international discourse and action.

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In a call to action, President Tinubu urged concerted efforts in extending care and support to the vulnerable and marginalized segments of society, stressing the collective obligation to advance global peace and stability.

“Let us embrace the spirit of compassion and solidarity by reaching out to those in need,” he urged, emphasizing that economic prosperity hinges on the foundation of peace.

The President’s appeal resonates with the ongoing global efforts to address conflict and promote cooperation, reaffirming Nigeria’s commitment to contributing to a more peaceful world.