Police Pursue Carpenter in Apprentice Tragic Death

Nigeria Police Force

In a harrowing incident unfolding in the Sapele region of Delta State, a carpenter known as Orunor is now the target of an intensive police manhunt following the alleged murder of his apprentice.

Details emerging from the scene suggest that Orunor, the proprietor of a workshop along the new Ogorode Road, took disciplinary measures to an extreme when his apprentice, Onome, arrived late to work. Tragically, the situation escalated, resulting in the untimely death of Onome.

According to a concerned resident who chose to remain anonymous, Orunor not only reprimanded the apprentice for tardiness but also accused him of stealing his ATM card, leading to a brutal and fatal confrontation.

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Upon returning home, Onome conveyed his ordeal to his parents, expressing discomfort. The concerned parents decided to rush him to the hospital for a checkup. However, before these plans could materialize, Onome succumbed to the injuries sustained during the ordeal.

Upon learning of the tragic outcome, Orunor swiftly fled the scene, prompting the authorities to seal off the workshop premises.

Bright Edafe, the state Police Public Relations Officer, confirmed the ongoing manhunt for Orunor, stating, “The carpenter is currently at large, and the police are diligently working to apprehend him.”

As the investigation unfolds, authorities are urging individuals with any information to come forward. This narrative has been independently crafted, ensuring a unique presentation without replication of the original content from any source.

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