Naira Hits N1,190/$ Amid Dollar Shortage

naira to dollar

The Naira’s value continues to decline in the face of growing dollar scarcity, impacting the exchange rate in various markets.

The Naira’s persistent devaluation remains a concern for the foreign exchange market due to a severe shortage of the US dollar, which is affecting both official and informal exchange rates. This article delves into the ongoing challenges surrounding the Naira’s value, its impact on the forex exchange market, and the perspective of Bureau de Change operators.

Currency Devaluation Amid Dollar Shortage:

In recent weeks, the Naira has witnessed a significant devaluation trend, with its exchange rate at the parallel market reaching 1,190 Naira per US dollar. This drop follows a two-week period in which the Naira traded at 1,100 Naira per dollar in the informal market. The scarcity of dollars, largely attributed to a growing demand-supply gap, has been a primary driver of this depreciation.

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Fluctuations in Exchange Rates:

While the informal market faced substantial depreciation, there was a slight uptick in the Naira’s value in the Investor & Exporter forex window. It was traded at 808.28 Naira per dollar at the close of trading on Friday, compared to 810.05 Naira per dollar the previous day. This volatility in exchange rates adds uncertainty to the market’s stability.

Challenges for Bureau de Change Operators:

Bureau de Change operators, crucial participants in the foreign exchange market, are experiencing difficulties in sourcing US dollars to meet customer demand. Some operators have reported the dollar being unavailable, rendering them unable to facilitate transactions. The situation highlights the need for measures to address the scarcity and improve liquidity.

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Central Bank’s Role and Future Outlook:

The Central Bank of Nigeria’s directive to allow the exchange rate to float has played a pivotal role in the Naira’s devaluation. Prior to this policy change, the Naira traded at 471.67 Naira per dollar in the official market on the FMDQ, while the parallel market saw rates at 765 Naira per dollar in June. The Association of Bureaux De Change Operators of Nigeria emphasizes the importance of their involvement in stabilizing exchange rates and enhancing market liquidity.

Addressing the challenges associated with the Naira’s depreciation and the ongoing volatility in the exchange rate is essential for the country’s economic stability. Collaboration among stakeholders, including the Central Bank, Bureau de Change operators, and licensed forex dealers, is key to achieving a more robust and stable foreign exchange market.

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