Igboho Issues 7-Day Ultimatum for Herdsmen to Leave Southwest

Sunday Igboho

In a decisive move that underscores his unwavering commitment to peace and security in the Southwest region, Sunday Igboho, a prominent Yoruba activist and secessionist leader, has issued a resounding seven-day ultimatum to suspected herders implicated in the ongoing violence against farmers.

In his statement, Igboho fervently champions the cause of peaceful coexistence among all Nigerians, transcending tribal, religious, and political divides.

He places his trust in the capability of the federal government, particularly under the leadership of President Bola Tinubu, to guarantee the safety of lives and property, especially for the beleaguered farming community.

However, this ultimatum serves as a powerful clarion call to action. Igboho passionately implores the governors of Oyo and Ogun States to swiftly mobilize additional security personnel and fortifications to quell the unrest in areas where farmer-herder conflicts have reached alarming levels.

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The ultimate aim is to pave the way for lasting peace and prosperity, creating the ideal conditions for farmers to participate in both small and large-scale food production.

This message goes beyond mere rhetoric; it embodies the collective urgency to put an end to the ongoing violence, not only to safeguard lives but also to usher in an era of progress and harmony for all stakeholders.

Sunday Igboho’s resolute ultimatum is poised to reshape the Southwest region’s destiny, making it a bastion of peace and prosperity for generations to come.

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