EPL table: Man City sacks Arsenal FC from top spot

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In a seismic shift in the English Premier League standings, Manchester City ruthlessly dethroned Arsenal FC from their lofty perch atop the table, opening the door for Liverpool FC to ascend once more to the pinnacle of English football.

The Gunners had enjoyed a commanding reign at the summit for over five fixtures prior to their crucial clash with Manchester City at the hallowed grounds of the Etihad Stadium.

However, in a tense and tightly contested encounter that ended in a deadlock, Manchester City managed to maintain their grip on the third position, accumulating 64 points. Meanwhile, Arsenal FC, despite their valiant efforts, were unceremoniously displaced into second place with 65 points.

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This dramatic turn of events has now catapulted Liverpool FC into the lead of the fiercely competitive EPL table, boasting an impressive tally of 67 points.

As the race for the title intensifies, the footballing world braces itself for further twists and turns in this captivating season.

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