Crook Questions Arsenal’s Title Hopes

Alex Crook

In a recent statement, football pundit Alex Crook has identified the two players he believes may hinder Arsenal’s pursuit of the Premier League title this season.

Crook has cast doubt on the suitability of Arsenal’s current number nine options, Eddie Nketiah and Gabriel Jesus, to lead the team to victory.

Nketiah and Jesus have been entrusted with the responsibility of spearheading the Gunners’ attack over the past two seasons. Together, they managed to score a combined total of 15 Premier League goals, a performance that secured Arsenal a second-place finish in the league, behind Manchester City in the previous season.

Nevertheless, Crook has expressed reservations about the ability of Nketiah and Jesus to propel Arsenal to domestic league success this year. Instead, he has proposed the signing of Ivan Toney, a striker from Brentford, as a more promising solution if Arsenal aims to challenge title contenders like Manchester City.

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In his assessment, Crook stated, “I don’t believe Arsenal can secure the league title with Nketiah or Jesus as their number nine. I think if they can acquire Ivan Toney, and he can quickly make an impact, it significantly improves their prospects.”

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