EEDC’s STS Meter Upgrade: Act Now

Enugu Electricity Distribution Company PLC (EEDC) has unveiled plans to initiate the Token Identifier (TID) rollover for its STS prepaid meter upgrade, scheduled to commence by the end of February 2024. To facilitate this process, the company is urging its customers to promptly update their information, emphasizing that this is a mandatory step for meter upgrades.

To streamline the information update, EEDC has developed a dedicated link accessible to customers. By clicking on the link, customers can provide their meter number, validate their mobile number, and update their email address. Mr. Emeka Ezeh, the Head of Corporate Communications at EEDC, assured that the process is straightforward and reiterated its necessity for meter upgrades.

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Highlighting the mandatory nature of the upgrade, Ezeh warned that non-compliance could result in customers losing access to their meters and experiencing disruptions in power supply. To ensure a smooth transition during the rollover period, customers are advised to purchase sufficient energy units to sustain them. The vending platform will be temporarily offline during this period, impacting meter recharge activities.

Explaining the post-rollover scenario, Ezeh outlined that the first energy purchase after the upgrade would come with three sets of 20-digit tokens (KCT1, KCT2, and the energy token). The sequence involves using KCT1 to reset the meter, KCT2 to upgrade it, and the energy token for recharge, completing the upgrade process.

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Customers holding unused tokens are advised to load them onto their meters before the upgrade, as upgraded meters will no longer accept previously purchased tokens, and no refunds will be provided for unused ones.

EEDC had previously communicated that, as of 24th November 2024, all prepaid meters in its network would cease accepting credit tokens unless upgraded. This change results from a software upgrade affecting all Standard Transfer Specification (STS) compliant prepaid meters globally. Emphasizing that the upgrade is cost-free for customers, Ezeh cautioned against any attempts at extortion by individuals or groups.