#IbadanBlast: Unveiling Oyo’s Immediate Investigation

ogun bomb blast

In the wake of the devastating #IbadanBlast in Oyo State last night, Governor Seyi Makinde and security agencies are facing heightened scrutiny as critical questions linger regarding the incident.

Omoyele Sowore dissects the aftermath of #IbadanBlast, questioning Governor Seyi Makinde and security agencies for hasty conclusions.

Here are some pressing concerns that demand urgent answers:

Swift Response vs Standard Procedure:

While developed countries typically take at least 48 hours to release information about such incidents, why did Oyo State authorities rush to conclusions within 10 hours? What protocols were followed in analyzing the scene?

Governor’s Rapid Investigation:

Governor Seyi Makinde attributed the blast to “Illegal Miners” without divulging details. Who are these miners, and why did they possess powerful explosives? What specific steps were taken during the governor’s investigation?

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Explosives Dealers in High-Brow Areas:

Were security agencies aware of explosives  dealers in upscale neighborhoods, and what preventive measures were in place? Was the government informed about any potential risks associated with these dealers?

Unveiling Miner’s Identity:

The governor mentioned illegal miners but didn’t reveal their identity. What is the name of the miner, and what resources are they extracting in Oyo State? Timely disclosure is crucial to address public apprehension.

Mining and Explosives Protocols:

Was the building rigged with explosives, and if so, for what purpose? Understanding the procedures involved in mining and using explosives is essential to comprehending the circumstances leading to the blast.

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Mining in Residential Areas:

Is the governor aware of mining activities in the Agodi residential area? If so, what safety measures were in place? If not, how did such activities go unnoticed, especially in a residential zone?

DSS Approval and Public Position:

What is the DSS’s official stance on the #IbadanBlast? Can citizens expect a preliminary report from the DSS to address concerns and shed light on the incident?

As Oyo State seeks clarity and reassurance, transparency and comprehensive responses from the governor and security agencies are paramount to restoring public confidence in the aftermath of this tragic event.