EEDC Clarifies Social Media Misinformation Amid Imo Outage

Electricity workers

Imo State, 14/11/2023 – The Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) has issued a press statement addressing a misleading social media publication aimed at inciting the public against the organization. The statement emphasizes that EEDC is not responsible for the prolonged power outage in Imo State and provides a detailed account of the circumstances leading to the current situation.

In the press statement released today, the management of EEDC highlights that the power outage in Imo State resulted from the shutdown of EEDC’s source of supply at the Egbu Transmission Station on 1st November, 2023. This shutdown was a consequence of an industrial action initiated by the Labour Union, in response to a faceoff between the Union and the government of Imo State.

EEDC clarifies that it solely distributes the electricity it receives from the Transmission Company (TCN), and its ability to function as a Distribution Company is contingent on the cooperation of other entities within the electricity value chain, including the Generation Company and the Transmission Company.

Due to the closure of the Egbu Transmission Station, all feeders supplying power to customers in Imo State were affected, leading to a severe impact on EEDC’s operations and revenue. The company asserts that it promptly informed customers of the situation and communicated its position through various media channels.

The press statement expresses EEDC’s understanding of the inconveniences faced by its esteemed customers in Imo State and hopes for a swift resolution to restore normalcy. The management urges customers to remain vigilant and safeguard electricity infrastructure from potential vandalism during the outage.

In conclusion, EEDC empathizes with customers in Imo State and reaffirms its commitment to providing quality service. The company thanks its customers for their understanding and cooperation during this challenging period.